MES May Newsletter

MES May Newsletter

 Co-Director: Kendra Atlak (802) 730-7497               Co-Director: Bill Minter (802) 345-5728 

Educator: Jamie Cousineau           Educator: Angela Dwyer Educator: Kacey Greene

Spring has sprung and we are really enjoying the change in weather! Our students have been busy creating imaginary worlds with forts in the woods and exploring the mud and small stream at the edge of the forest. Inside, cooking continues to be a hit with lots of delicious snacks being created over our griddle. Several students really enjoy kickball and shooting hoops in the gym. Families are always welcome to arrive early and join us for a game! On Thursdays a group of children walk down the hill to visit a preschool program and enjoy playing games and making art with 3-4 year olds. We have also been invited to work in the MES school garden, if you have any seeds or tools you would like to donate please reach out anytime.

A couple of important reminders:

Students must have a water bottle each day. It is a licensing requirement that children have access to water when we are outside. Please reach out if you need assistance getting your child a water bottle to use for after school.

Students must use appropriate language during afterschool. We have updated our Threshold Policy (segment is copied below) to include explicit language and language or gestures of a sexual nature. If the inappropriate behavior is not able to be redirected when addressed, a call for the child’s removal from afterschool will be made. 

When a child is using sexually inappropriate gestures or language repeatedly  parents will be called to come get them. It is expected that they will make arrangements to have someone there within a half hour. “

As the last day of school has been updated, we are offering full days for Kindergarteners that end school early. We will spend the morning offsite and join afterschool at end of day dismissal. There is also a half day registration for the last day of school on June 18th. Please register online and join the waitlist if it is full. 

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