Apple Tree Learning Centers

Naps and Resting

Apple Tree follows the Vermont State guidelines regarding napping and resting. In addition, children shall be supervised by sight and sound at all times. Cribs and nap mats shall be spaced three feet apart or if spaced closer together a stable barrier will be used. Each class shall have a map indicating where children are put down to rest. No child will be forced to take a nap. If a child is not sleeping they are to be provided with books and or quiet activities while the other children rest. Infants 12 months or younger, must be placed on backs to sleep, without the use of infant sleep positioners, unless ordered by a physician. Infants must nap in cribs with a flat surface; tightly fitted sheet and no blankets until over age one. No snuggles, soft items, hoodies, and necklaces for infants under 12 months of age are allowed during rest. Infants cannot nap in swings or car seats, bouncy seats or any other infant made devise. Swaddle blankets and sleep sacks may be used for infants. Children under the age of one may not rest on a mat. If a child arrives to the program, or falls asleep in equipment not specifically designed for infant sleep, the infant must be removed and placed in the crib.